Carving out “me time” with a spoon

In our haphazard lives of balance, one of the most difficult things to find time for is ourselves. When we do find a crumb of time, we can’t help but feel guilty about using it for ourselves when there are so many other uses for said crumb. There is always laundry that could be put away or dishes to do, we could read the kids one more book, or hang out with our sometimes neglected hubby. There are thousands of other things that we could be doing for someone else, but what about us?

If you happen to find yourself a crumb or a whole slice of time, before you feel that twinge of guilt about using it for “me time”, think about how much of a difference it will make to you compared to the difference it will make on household chores or the like. Chores will always be there, but without a little time for yourself you are very likely to (randomly, without warning) have a small meltdown and cry uncontrollably when someone at work calls you unfriendly (or something along those lines). The point is, by finding a little “me time” we maintain sanity, perspective, a grasp on reality, and we are better mommies, wives, and friends.

“Me time” doesn’t have to be a weekend alone in the Bahamas (although that would rock), but something as simple as a long shower or bath after the kids go to bed. Turn on Pandora and let Frank Sinatra calm your nerves. You can tell your family to please stay out of the kitchen while you make dinner or do the dishes and watch your favorite show or movie on Netflix while getting it done. Any kitchen intruders should be chased away with a wooden spoon. Another time steal is achieved by dropping the kids off at school a little early and heading to your favorite coffee shop before work. Keep that novel that you “keep meaning to read” in your car for just these occasions. Avoid the drive thru and sit, enjoy your coffee, and escape to another world one paragraph at a time.

So go ahead and pick up those crumbs, shove them in your pocket, and keep a wooden spoon at the ready to protect them. You earned it! Most importantly, your family and the whole of society will appreciate a more balanced, less psychotic you.

If you have any sneaky crumb stealing ideas, share them with us!



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  1. Excellent advice. I even recommend Moms & Dads carving out a little “couple time” for themselves sans kids. Parents used to have “date night” but so many focus solely on kids and lose themselves in parenting. Go have dinner and a movie with your hubby. Give those furtive glances over the Cheerios in the morning. 🙂


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