Women of GenX

We were raised to become strong and independent women. We were told that we could be anything we wanted to be; we could do anything a man could do. We did not have to be homemakers, we did not have to be mothers (right away), and we did not need a man to be complete. Our own mothers were breaking traditional roles. Some were single moms, some were working moms, while those that remained devoted housewives and mothers adapted to this change.

The confusion started early. We loved playing house just as much as we loved pretending to explore the universe with Astronaut Barbie. We vogued, declared that we were just a girl, we didn’t want no scrubs, and man, felt like a woman. So, we pursued careers and married for love (not because it was expected). We started our families, and now…

We are wives, mothers, chauffeurs, short order cooks, lovers, counselors, nurses, housekeepers, and whatever profession we decided on.

Are you a super mom and have it all figured out? Are you struggling to find balance between career and family, or have you foregone your career for your family?  Are you an identity crisis mom?

You are not alone, join the conversation.


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